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Services in response to COVID-19

Leadec is committed to achieving a safe and healthy work environment for everyone, so we offer a range of services in response to the coronavirus pandemic:

  • Hygiene service using an ozonized solution for frequently used or touched surfaces such as toilet bowls, sinks, washbasins, door handles, handrails, furniture handles, panels and buttons, turnstiles, machine control panels, etc.;
  • Disinfection service through atomization/pulverization for workspaces in general such as offices, production area, canteens, restaurants, restrooms, cloakrooms, access and large circulation areas, internal and external;
  • Disinfection points using ozone mist, for the company’s access areas;
  • Assistance in the adaptation of environments, such as distances between toilets, washbasins, organization of access areas and creation of restricted areas using signs and marking.
  • Installation, verification, maintenance of chemical & non-chemical bactericidal devices for process and/or comfort HVAC systems (filters, tablets, ultraviolet radiation);
  • Supply of materials and PPEs for production teams and support areas. These items can be supplied in kits containing, for example, spray bottles, alcohol gel, masks and face protections, gloves, etc.


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