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For Leadec, compliance means adherence to legal regulations, ethical principles and all internal company directives and rules by the company and its employees. This is done not only to protect customers and business partners but also to contribute to the company’s security.

Compliance is the prerequisite for fair and transparent business practice. The responsible and correct actions of every single member of staff strengthen the performance and reputation of the Leadec Group. Compliance is therefore a key element in securing the company's long-term success and forms the basis for our business relationships. 


Compliance therefore supports the economic and societal success of the Leadec Group. Compliance gives employees security in everyday activities and protects individuals and the entire Leadec Group from unnecessary risks. 


Adherence to the Code of Conduct of the Leadec Group is naturally part of our daily work routine.

Code of Conduct

The Leadec Group Code of Conduct contains provisions on areas of the daily work routine and a commitment by the Management Board to act in accordance with Leadec values. Internal regulations of the Leadec Group complement and particularize the Code of Conduct within the framework of specific instructions.


Code of Conduct 


Have you noticed any violation of our compliance guidelines?

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You can generally send an anonymous message via our contact form. Our compliance team will take care of your request.