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Improvement actions

Leadec has been implementing actions aimed at improving processes, procedures, activities, safety and comfort in our operations on a regular basis. These actions provide excellent results for our employees as they bring a greater level of safety, agility in execution and comfort, and consequently, also bring a greater level of satisfaction and economy to our customers.

Repair of electronic boards

The challenge: High cost of replacement of electronic boards for various equipment in addition to the possible unavailability of spare parts in stock, delaying the execution of necessary maintenance, or even high volume of boards in stock.

Improved fan coils’ filtering systems

The challenge: Premature saturation of filter elements (bag type) in relation to planned period; `cost increase with purchase of filtering elements beyond what was scheduled; increased unplanned maintenance activities

Maintenance system for forklifts

The challenge: Improve preventive maintenance performance and reduce corrective interventions on equipment, batteries and accessories; reduce maintenance costs per equipment and offer greater transparency in the maintenance and delivery process

Technical cleaning of paint booths

The challenge: Excessive occupational exposure to flammable liquid, uncomfortable application methodology for employees and excessive use of solvents to carry out activities.

Our solution and the customers' benefit

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